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Now you can say, ‘I was there from the start.’

In case you didn’t read anything until you arrived here: The Minnesota Marijuana Association unites business leaders and professionals to establish a thriving, legal cannabis industry in the state. Together, MMA and its members will shape, support and sustain Minnesota’s marijuana industry.

Questions? Definitely let us know.

What it means to be a member

As a member of the MMA, you’ll be a part of supporting, educating and guiding business leaders and legislators, as we navigate the process of establishing a safe, legal, responsible cannabis industry—including licensing, infrastructure, logistics, rules and regulations.

And you’ll be part of a community that’s only going to grow (no pun intended, please believe us) in importance every season.

You can expect us to provide our members public information, educational opportunities, licensure guidance, advocacy, background on government affairs and—this is our favorite part—camaraderie.

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'A well-informed, engaged and pragmatic association is critical to the success of any nascent cannabis market.'

-Ashley Picillo, Minnesota Marijuana Association member